The perfect location for any shoot, from families to seniors, engagement sessions and more

Dallas Arts District

In the heart of Downtown Dallas, the Arts District is one of my most popular shoot locations: and for good reason.

In addition to fantastic views of the Dallas Skyline, there are dozens of great opportunities for unique and scenic shots, all within walking distance of each other.

The Winspear Opera House is home to an incredible reflecting pool that is a must visit if you book a shoot here. There are tons of incredible light installations around as well, so after the sun sets its almost like having an entirely new location.

Also just a short walk away is Klyde Warren Park, an amazing public park with 360 Skyline Views, food trucks, art installments, greenery, and more.

If you’re having trouble deciding where to get your photos taken, I’ll almost always recommend this spot due to the huge variety of great locations within such a small area.

Downtown Fort Worth - Sundance Square

Opposite of Dallas on the west side of the Metroplex, we have the beautiful Sundance Square: Located right in the middle of Downtown Fort Worth.

All within walking distance, you’ll find scenic overlooks of the Trinity River, great views of the Fort Worth Skyline, and incredible architecture from Bass Hall to the Scat Jazz Lounge.

The Square itself has a great fountain feature, great murals, and a 360 view of the city. The TCC Trinity River Campus is one of best locations of found in North Texas, with beautiful leading lines, textures, and wonderful light during the morning and evening.

Several easily accessible Parking Garages allow for rooftop access, providing some of the best views of Fort Worth you can find.

Denton Square

Smaller than Dallas or Fort Worth, but every bit as lively. The Denton Square has a ton of character, from rustic buildings and storefronts, to murals covering every block.

The Historic Courthouse at the center of the Square offers a classic backdrop, with most of the storefronts on the square offering a more vintage and rustic look.

As you branch off to the alleyways and streets beyond the square, things start to get more colorful with fun murals, vibrant buildings, and some seriously retro architecture.

The Square is a fantastic setting for shoots in the evening, as the way the light hits at Sunset can create some dramatic and beautiful results.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

If you’re looking for a great outdoor location, Arbor Hills is the place to go. Miles of trails surrounded by trees, streams, and scenic overlooks, its sometimes hard to remember you’re just 30 minutes from Dallas.

Arbor Hills features several wide open fields and is occasionally a great place to catch one of those epic Texas Sunsets.

There are several small streams around the park that make for beautiful reflection shots and offer great backdrops with nice leading lines.

Up front you’ll find several nice stone structures and fences with a nice overview of the park, which provides for some variety from the strictly outdoor setting.

Check out more photos of Arbor Hills Here

Old Town Lewisville

“Old Town” may not actually be the best description, because Lewisville has done an incredible job of making this a modern, fun, and photogenic center of the city. A beautiful boardwalk and stream circles the main park, which is filled with nice greenery and trees.

In addition to the modern outdoor feel of the main park, Main Street is host to some rustic storefronts and murals that provide a cool vintage backdrop for some variety.

During the Holiday Season, they set up a giant Christmas Tree and Holiday Lights span every building and walkway, making it a great spot for family pictures.

Another benefit to shooting here over Dallas or Fort Worth: There are simply a lot less people walking around! It’s a fairly small area as well so shoots require less walking, which of course means there is more time to focus on getting great photos!