I'm engaged! Part 1: The Proposal

After two and a half years of dating the girl who has truly become my best friend, I finally popped the question. Much to my delight, she said yes! 

So how did it all go down? It happened at Roots Coffeehouse in Highland Village, on a tuesday night which is typically when we have bible study. I told Lea that I had a video gig that night and wouldn't be able to make it with her this week, which she totally believed. Thankfully her Mom was in town and with the help of her Sister, they were able to get her to Roots after our bible study ended. 

The Roots staff was almost as excited as I was about the proposal, and went all out in helping me decorate their shop. They even closed an hour early! I am thankful for these awesome friends. Soledad, one of their staff members, helped me get together some of Lea's favorite flowers, and also took all of the wonderful pictures on the night of the proposal! We decked the place out with tea candles, played the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack through the sound system, and waited. 

Staying true to myself, I filmed the entire thing on 5 cameras. Go figure! Heres the abridged version. Theres no audio from the proposal, but suffice to say I had some beautifully poetic and romantic things to say ;) Justina brought out a cup of hot chocolate with some heart-shaped latte art as soon as she walked in.

I can't say thank you enough to the staff at Roots for allowing me to do this, and for helping me pull this off! Also, a huge thank you to The Flour Shop Bakery in Highland Village for making two beautiful and incredibly delicious cupcakes for the proposal. They were literally one of the best things I have ever eaten. 

Vera Wang Engagement Ring

Ceilidh, the Manager at Roots, also created this beautiful chalk-art for us! They seriously went all out! 

Engagement (21 of 22).jpg

This was one of the happiest days of my life, and I can't wait to enter into this new season of life with my best friend Lea. 

Stay tuned for tomorrows post, Part 2: The Party. 

Zach Ashcraft