I'm engaged! Part 3: The Ring


The final installment of my engagement blog series is here! The wedding planning is well underway, but I wanted to take the time to share this important part of the story. 

Now when it comes to jewelry I, like most guys, have no idea what I'm doing. Thankfully, Lea has a sister! In fact if it weren't for Alicia, I likely would have never met Lea! Lea filled Alicia in on the details of what she wanted, and Alicia helped me pick it out. I'm so thankful to Alicia for the help, and am excited to have her as a sister soon :) 

After she said "yes," I asked Lea to comment on what she liked in particular about this ring, from the Vera Wang Love series.

"I really wanted a three stone ring because our marriage should have God as the center, just like the larger center stone. Secondly, the sapphires on the side are so unique and also represent my birth month. Lastly, I just love how sparkly it is!!" 

This explanation just made me love her even more! I can't wait to marry this beautiful, intelligent, loving woman. 


Zach Ashcraft