Guyer High School Senior - Anna - Denton Square

As most of my blog readers know, I have a pretty huge passion for Drum Corps and the marching arts. Its had a huge impact on my life and its eventually what led to me getting into photography. So naturally I'm excited anytime I get the chance to photograph a member of the drum corps community! 

Not only is Anna a current member of the Boston Crusaders, she's a bit of a celebrity! A video of her performing with the corps went viral (just google "possibly possessed pit" for all you need to know) and ended up just about everywhere. 

I also got the chance to photograph her performing on the road last summer at DCI Dallas! 

Not only is she an incredible performer, Anna is also an incredibly kind person. She's also a PRO in front of the camera! We wandered the Denton Square just before sunset, and ended up with some stunning images. 

Zach Ashcraft