March 4th 2015: Massive Denton Snowfall

Living in Texas most of my life, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've seen  legitimate snowfall here. While I typically just peek at it out the window from the comforts of my house, yesterday I decided to brave the elements and photograph Denton as I've never photographed it before. All images taken on a Nikon D810 with a 28mm 1.8G lens. 

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I started my adventure at my favorite place in Denton: Denton Camera Exchange

They've got a beautiful old Ford out front!

My mobile fortress. Thanks FJ for keeping me warm and safe.

My favorite shot of the evening. Prints are available!

I met these two Dentonites on their way to Loophole. I scribbled their names down on a scratch sheet of paper, which has been lost to the blizzard. They shall be affectionally known as "Duke" and "Texas." 

Duke and Texas were thrilled with the snow, claiming it was a beautiful alternative to last weeks obnoxious ice storm.

Not a soul in sight at Short Stop gas station. I stopped in to clear some of the snow buildup off my windshields. 

Seriously, there was a lot of snow. 

I discovered, this is what happens when you point your cameras flash directly into the snow

35 East and 377

And finally, a snowy selfie to let the world (mostly my mom) that I made it home safely. Also, Texans aren't wimps when it comes to cold weather. Thanks for reading!