I'm engaged! Part 2: The party

Yesterdays blog post covered all of the details of my proposal. Today's covers the awesome engagement party put on by my parents! 

My wonderful Mom is an incredibly skilled planner, designer, decorator, cook, and just an all around great momma! She made the vast majority of this party happen, and I am so thankful for her! The theme for the party was "He Popped the question," thus, gourmet popcorn! 

Mom went ALL OUT on the decorations. How she can take something like popcorn and make it look so beautiful is beyond my comprehension. 

Tutti Frutti Popcorn here. It was definitely a crowd favorite! 

Rufus was like..."PLEASE buddy? Can I have just once piece?"

Mom also created these beautiful little flower displays. 

But the best part? Coconut cream pie in a stinking jar. These were delicious, and beautiful to look at! Coconut is also a favorite of Lea's :) 

Seriously, this pup is like a ninja. He was just waiting for someone to drop a piece of popcorn all night. 

The party itself was a great time spent with my family, who I love dearly. I'm so glad they were able to come celebrate with Lea and me. It was great that Lea's Parents and Sister were able to be in town all the way from South Dakota to celebrate as well! I'm so excited for their family to join ours. 

And once again, a special thank you to my wonderful Mother. This party wouldn't have happened without you!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post - Part 3: The Ring. 

Zach Ashcraft