How I Got the Shot: Another New World

Title: Another New World

Gear Used: Sony A7r

Lens: Zeiss Distagon 25mm F/2 zf.2

Shot Data:

Exposure Time: 1/13th second

Aperture: F/2

ISO: 1250

My Thoughts: 

I had just finished shooting a wedding in Deep Ellum, on a dark and rainy night. Seeing that the Bank of America building was Blue instead of the usual Green, I wanted to swing by on the way out of the city and recreate a picture I got this past year of the tower lit up red. 

Upon finding a place to park, I noticed tons of potholes and puddles throughout the parking lot. Shooting subjects reflected in puddles is a favorite technique of mine, so I spent a few minutes trying to capture the Bank of America building inside of a puddle. The puddles ended up being too small to capture the entire height of the tower, but I ended up loving the perspective of looking straight down into it. The puddle essentially acts as a mirror, so the tower itself is in focus while the ground and my feet are out of focus. I loved the surreal vibe this gave the picture, and I must admit that the thought of jumping into the puddle and ending up in Narnia might have gone through my head. 

Takeway: Take your time and play with perspective. Something as simple as crouching or standing can make a massive difference in the look and feel of your image. 

I did end up recreating the shot I took last year on the Fuji X100s. I hope to do this as often as possible whenever they light the building up different colors for special occasions. 

Zach Ashcraft