Breaking Bad: Developing Film at Home

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Over the course of the last year, photography has turned from a hobby into a profession. I'm quite thankful for this, though when something you love becomes your job, its easy to get burnt out. 

Thankfully, I have discovered that shooting film is a great way to "enjoy" photography while still capturing unique images that I think are worth sharing with the world. 

Shooting with my Mamiya 645e medium format camera on Thanksgiving morning

I've been shooting on film since march, taking the rolls to Walgreens or Denton Camera Exchange to get it developed and scanned. While this got the job done, it was a very time consuming and costly process, especially long term. 

Well yesterday, this all changed. My awesome parents got me a color film developing kit for Christmas, so I got my Walter White on got to work on a roll of Kodak Ektar

The film stabilizer looks...suspect

The entire development process was surprisingly easy, and mixing the chemicals was simple enough, though you probably won't want to have any of the above pictured stabilizer while going through a security checkpoint at an airport :) 

I was actually pretty surprised when I saw a correctly developed roll of negatives come out of the tank! I was certain I screwed something up along the way. This was the first roll of film I shot where every shot on the roll was a keeper! I had so much fun, I'm off to develop two more tonight! 

Negatives! Hanging in the shower. I should really come up with a less ghetto solution

These were shot on my Mamiya 645e (pictured above) with an 80mm 2.8 lens at Lewisville Lake on a FREEZING cold day. Hope you enjoy! 

Lewisville Lake is one of my favorite places to shoot

Its also a great place to go for a walk, read a book, go fishing, or otherwise slow down and enjoy life. 

I'm always drawn to these tires when I bring a camera with me

There is a beach full of these rocks. They're great for couples shoots!

Lewisville Lake fishing barge in the background, formerly one of my favorite places to shoot.

Water rushing over a forgotten tire. 

Last time I came to the fishing barge, they told me I was no longer allowed to bring my camera. I was pretty bummed. I'm going to the bring some images i've shot there to the owner the next time I go. 

My favorite shot of the roll. I love the way the film renders greens.