Kodak Moments (Adventures with Film)

I have recently become slightly obsessed with film. It all started last march, on my 24th birthday. 

I was incredibly blessed to receive a Nikon F3 (pictured below) along with several lenses and accessories from my Uncle. He had recognized my growing interest and skill in photography, and graciously gave me this amazing set of equipment. 


Nikon F3, Nikkor 50mm 1.2 lens

I dove in head first, picking up a few rolls of film and seeing what I could come up with. Since that time, I've also discovered VSCO presets for Lightroom. These presets emulate various types of film, and offer a good starting point while editing photos. One of the presets emulates Kodak Porta film. Naturally I was curious, so I went out and bought some of the real stuff. 



Denton Camera Exchange has fed my film addiction this past month. Its an awesome shop in Denton with more cameras than I would know what to do with. My most recent purchase from them is an Olympus XA - an AWESOME little camera. Its going to have a blog post of its own in the near future. 


Olympus XA

Below are some shots I've taken in the past two weeks with the XA. The black and whites were taken with some Kodak TMAX 400, and the color shots were with a roll of Kodak Porta 160 - which I am completely in love with.